Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pass Chorale is Singing Again!

We know its still winter, but the Pass Chorale begins rehearsals for our spring concert tonight, January 19. The featured work is the Mozart Requiem, one of the all-time favorites for singers. This gorgeous music was the last thing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was working on before he died at the young age of 35. The first eight measures of the “Lacrimosa” movement were the last measures of music he wrote. He may have known he was working on his own requiem.

The Pass Chorale is a community chorus serving the San Gorgonio Pass area. Interested singers are invited to attend a rehearsal, or call director, Ernest, for further info (951-849-4676).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pass Chorale to resume soon

The Chorale is now on "vacation." That is, we're suffering from Bach withdrawal. The concert was a wonderful experience. We all had tremendously busy Christmas and New Year celebrations. We will start rehearsals for our spring concert on January 19, 2010, 7pm, Our Saviors Lutheran Church, 1320 W. Williams St., Banning.

We will be passing out scores of the Mozart Requiem. Everyone in the chorale is so excited that we'll be performing this work. It is a favorite among singers, and I think the instrumentalists love it too. A really good alto who had to leave us for the last concert, is returning to do this one.

We welcome anyone with singing experience who would love to learn this music.