Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Summer Progress, Still Time to Join

All through the summer we've had our ups and downs in attendance. People have been on vacation, at the Redlands Bowl, other commitments. But as we approach September, most of our singers are back and getting very serious about learning the music. We have practice CDs for the Haydn Mass. We learn the carols from rehearsals. Through the summer we've made good progress on both.

There is still time for interested singers to join and catch up! Our concert is on December 12, so we've got time. The music is really beautiful, with lots of variety. For example, we are having fun with the rhythms of the Brazilian carol.

Alto Robin had a tongue cancer operation, but was back with us 3 weeks after surgery. We are so happy to have her! Tenor Charlie will have knee replacement in October. We are almost like a sports team. We all work together to produce the music, and we suffer through injuries and problems together.