Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Rehearsals

The Pass Chorale has had 3 rehearsals. The first was during the big storm so there were several members who weren't there. We handed out music and listened to a recording of the Mozart Requiem. Those of us who had sung it before couldn't resist singing along with the recording. It is such magnificent music! We started on the first two movements, the Introitus and Kyrie. We broke early because of the rain. It turned out that after that rehearsal we (Ernest and June) were stranded for three days. We got flooded in and then snowed in! We got out Saturday afternoon. Luckily, we had stocked up on food. We were offline during much of that time because we have a satellite internet connection. The dish doesn't do well in blizzards!

The second rehearsal was our annual business meeting. We talked about our usual problems of fund-raising, recruiting new singers, and getting more people at our concerts. We are gradually building our audience and local support has been great. We thanked our accompanist, Joan, for her faithful service to the Chorale, and acknowledged a Wonderful $500 donation by former accompanist, Millie! We worked more on the first two movements of the Requiem. We were still missing some members.

Our third rehearsal was like old home week. The only missing member was soprano Pat, gone to help with the birth of her grandchild! Sopranos Cherry and Judy were back. Tenor Linda who had a back operation and had to take time off from Chorale, came in complete with walker. We all cheered her. It was good to get caught up and so good to be all together again. We reviewed the first two movements, spending most time on the Kyrie. Then we started the next 2 movements. It was a wonderful night! We still would like more singers!