Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Rehearsal

The Pass Chorale came together for the first rehearsal of the Christmas Concert season. Two new tenors and one new alto joined us! New music was handed out, and everyone was excited to learn that our major work would be the Bach Magnificat.

Our faithful accompanist, Joan, was unable to come to this first rehearsal, but one of our altos, Robin, was kind enough to play parts for us. We spent most of the rehearsal struggling through the first movement of the Bach. It is quite difficult, with lots of complicated runs. There are also five parts (two soprano parts) as opposed to the usual four. It will take lots of work, but that’s what makes learning this music so great. We work very hard on it and get to know it really well.

Toward the end of the rehearsal we got a look at some of the Christmas anthems we’ll be singing during the second part of the program. We sight-read through a Norwegian carol, “I am so Glad,” and an Austrian carol, “Still, Still, Still” that has string, flute, and oboe parts as well. We had lots of fun with a Jester Hairston arrangement of “Mary’s Little Boy Child” and a shepherds carol, “How Far is it to Bethlehem.”

It was a good first rehearsal, good to be singing together again, good to see old friends and new.

There seems to be something special about Christmas music. Even in the middle of June, it gives you a good feeling. Join us and learn this wonderful music!

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