Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fourteenth Rehearsal

I didn't blog about our 13th rehearsal because it was like a step backwards. We were missing several members, so we limped through most of the Bach. But our 14th rehearsal was wonderful. We began with the announcement that Soprano Pat Cordova won the Pass Has Talent contest. We were all very excited. Pat wasn't there so we'll have more details next week. We know there were many contestants, the contest has gone on for several weeks. Our member Pat won the Grand Prize. Congratulations, Pat! We are proud of you.

We started with our anthems, and they are beginning to really sound nice. We're still having a bit of trouble with the Jester Hairston, Mary's Boy Child. The syncopation and going back and forth for multiple verses is still confusing. We're improving though.

We also got all the way through the Bach. We're doing much better on the Christmas interpolations. All in all, a great rehearsal. We love this music!

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