Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fifth Rehearsal that wasn't

It all started when our car broke down at a restaurant where we were having a pre-rehearsal treat. We had planned to go from there to the church to open things up, turn on the AC so it would be cool when the rehearsal started. Luckily the restaurant was near the church, so Ernest scaled 2 fences and went to open the church. There was a sign on the door - "Keys changed, call deacon." Turns out this was just the beginning of our problems. We called the deacon, got the answering machine.

In the meantime, we called AAA to deal with our car. Ernest was supposed to be at City Council to receive a proclamation from the City of Banning congratulating him on his honorary doctorate and recognizing his contributions to the community. I had to stay with the car while neighbor Pat took Ernest to the meeting. Meanwhile, we had to notify Chorale members not to come since we couldn't get into the church. My cell phone battery was low so I called Vice President, Steve who came down to the restaurant, got our roster and went back home to make the calls.

The AAA folks arrived and worked on the car. They couldn't solve the problem, it was after hours for the car dealer so we couldn't get help from them, so we decided to leave the car there and deal with it in the morning. When our neighbor and Ernest got back from the ceremony we went by the church to leave a sign on the door in case any chorale member showed up.

After that we could relax a bit. It was good that we can call on neighbor Pat and VP Steve to help us out of this dilemma. On to the next rehearsal. We would rather be singing Bach!

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