Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Fifth Rehearsal that was

After the chaos of last week, the Pass Chorale met for our fifth rehearsal. After lots of chatter about our mishaps, Ernest invited everyone to the Dragonfly Gala. Then we opened our music to the first movement of the Bach Magnificat. Yes, we did remember it, and even with our reduced forces (many away), it sounded good. We started practicing the music in its proper order, which means putting the Christmas Interpolations in the piece where we’ll sing them. In the score they are all in an appendix. Two of the interpolations are in German. We spent some time going over the words with help from Bass, Monty, who knows German well.

We ended our rehearsal on Fecit Potenciam, “he has shown strength with his arm.” It’s a difficult movement, but we kept at it until all parts could sing it at the same time. We actually went over time and didn’t have time for any of the anthems.

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