Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eleventh Rehearsal

We returned to action after a week off. We started with our Christmas anthems. The first was the Norwegian carol, "I am so glad." We worked on some of the trickier sections, and alto Robin gave us the name of a woman who knows Norwegian. We may be able to sing in Norwegian yet! The carol, Still, Still, Still is beginning to sound very nice. It is a gorgeous arrangement and a flute will accompany the choir (as well as keyboard).

We worked on the rhythms of the calypso, Mary's Boy Child, arranged by Jester Hairston. I remember hearing this carol every year when we were students at USC. The annual Christmas concert always featured two carols, sung by the Chamber Singers, directed by Charles Hirt. One was Mary's Boy Child. The solo part was highly prized, and I remeber Ernest's roommate, tenor John Fleming, did it more than once. The other was a soprano solo with choir, "Who will buy my sweet blooming lavender?" There was high competition for that solo too. I don't know of an arrangement for the Lavender carol, maybe it was Charles Hirt's own. Those two carols meant it was really Christmas again.

We then started the Magnificat at the beginning and got about half way through before the rehearsal ended. We'll start at that point next week!

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