Friday, August 28, 2009

Tenth Rehearsal

Accompanist Joan was back with us and we focused on the Interpolations in the Magnificat. We made great progress on both the text and the notes. We then went back to the beginning. It felt good to hear the piece gradually coming together. It is so wonderful when you feel like you’re actually making music. There were some moments like that as we practiced the SSA trio, Sucepit Israel (He has helped his servant, Israel).

Tenor Charlie was back with us and reported that his slow-growing tumor will be monitored only, at this time. Evidently the risks of surgery are great and could affect the good ear too. At least we know he’s going to the best possible place for treatment. He said it feels strange to sing, but he’s game to do it. We are thankful.

We spent the last part of the rehearsal on a Norwegian carol, I am so Glad. We hope to sing the first verse in Norwegian, but we haven't attempted it yet.

We won't have rehearsal next week. Director Ernest is having a colonoscopy the next day. Believe me, he would rather be singing!

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