Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Seventh Rehearsal

Our new keys let us into the church, but a few seconds later, the alarm went off. We found out they had changed the alarms that afternoon and the old codes weren't viable any more. The alarm company called Deacon Bob who came and turned off the alarm and gave Ernest his new secret code to arm and disarm the alarm. We then turned the AC on in the sanctuary, but 2 hours later it still wasn't very cool. We decided to try having our rehearsal in the fellowship hall. It was cool, good light, tables to put our music on, we could hear each other well, and everyone liked it a lot.

We worked on the Magnificat, started near the end and, for the first time, sang through to the end. Now we've actually gone through the entire work, always an important milestone. Now none of it will be "new" anymore, we'll just work to make it better. Tenor Charlie has been missing because he developed a sudden hearing problem in one ear. We miss his voice and his wonderful sense of humor and hope he will be back with us soon.

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