Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ninth Rehearsal

Our ninth rehearsal seemed like our second or third as we started. Accompanist Joan couldn't be there so we had a wonderful substitute, Jolene. We started where we left off last rehearsal, with the last two movements. We worked hard on them last time and felt good when the rehearsal ended. This time, we were back at square one, as if it was all new again (difficult music is like that). We worked though it again, and we all broke into applause when we finally nailed it! Now, we'll see how we do next week...

We again worked on the German interpolations, we needed more work on those too.

Soprano Cherry passed around photos of her daughters (8 mos and 3). They were a smash hit. Ernest invited everyone to a showing of "Sing Birds," a Sean Owens film about the efforts of Cahuilla people to keep this music alive.

Tenor Charlie wasn't there, and we found out that he has a tumor (benign) in his left ear. He is on his way to the House Institute this week. That's the best place he could go. I've heard about them ever since I was a student at USC. I don't think there's a better place to treat him. We'll all be praying for him and cheering him on.

Singing in a chorus is about more than music, its about teamwork with fellow singers, almost like a team sport. We all have our distinct voices, but when they come together and actually make music (the director is rather like a coach), it feels like scoring a touchdown (football season soon)! We also come to care about our "teammates."

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